Who'll be your Marathon Mate?

Split the distance your way with RNIB's virtual running event

  1. Make your pair and sign up to run the distance of a marathon (26.2 miles) between you during the month of September
  2. Run your share and split the distance how you want. Take 13.1 miles each or find a more natural middle ground - it's up to you
  3. Be there to support each other through every mile and every penny you raise towards your joint £150 sponsorship target. Whether you run side-by-side or as a virtual pair, you’ve got each other’s back

The money you raise will support blind and partially sighted people across the UK.

Two women with a graphic saying that Viola is running 20 miles and Alex 6.2 miles

Every day 250 people in the UK start to lose their sight

You and a friend, from start to end

Marathon Mates is open to every kind of pair, whether you team up with an old running buddy, your guide runner or your partner who hasn't worn trainers since the 90s:

  1. Sign up for free by setting up a JustGiving page
  2. Get your marathon mate to sign up and set up their page
  3. Create a team page and link the two pages together
  4. Smash out 26.2 miles together during September
  5. Fundraise £150 between you and your buddy
Photos of a young Asian woman and a young white man who has a visual impairment

Will you join these Marathon Mates?

Old running buddies back together

After 10 years apart, Steve and Stephen are getting back together virtually. Stephen wants to 'get my mid-20s shape back', whereas Steve is running for his Aunt Val, who is supported by RNIB every week.

A pair of trainers next to a photo of a man and a caption reading Stephen, 40, Swansea, 13.1 miles for my waistline
A pair of trainers next to a photo of a man and a caption reading Steve, 41, Cardiff, 13.1 miles for Aunt Val

A couple of couch potatoes

After a few too many nights in front of the TV, Shivani wants something new to get out for. Mo is a little less enthusiastic, but has insisted on taking more of the miles, just to prove to Shivani that he can do it. Time will tell.

A pair of trainers next to a photo of a woman and a caption reading Shivani, 28, Manchester, 10 miles to get us off the sofa
A pair of trainers next to a photo of a man and a caption reading Mo, 30, Manchester, 16.2 miles to give us a new challenge

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